#16 – Have Holiday Tea at Pix Patisserie. Check.

When I called The Heathman in early November to make official Holiday Tea reservations for December, the girl literally blurted, “Did you really think we would have openings during the week of Christmas?” and proceeded to give a haughty and incredulous laugh.


So although the original plan was to have traditional holiday tea at The Heathman (since it has such a festive reputation), apparently you have to make your reservation in, like, July. What-ever.

What to do? What to do? We still wanted to have Holiday Tea, dammit!

My friend, May, suggested that maybe somewhere else in town hosted Holiday Tea; and after a quick Google search, I found that our local Pix Patisserie does tea service and immediately called to make a reservation. (They were very polite, I might add).

Today I got together with May and four other good friends to eat and drink super fancy.

IMG_5919.JPGThere were so many little (but very rich) bites that I can’t even remember them all, but the menu included bacon wrapped dates, proscuitto wrapped quail eggs, mushroom vol-au-vent, opera cake, a cup of super rich hot chocolate, soft goat cheese, chocolate ganache, french macarons, and a bunch of other sweet and savory items.


Don’t forget the tea and the champagne.


I’m the kind of person who loves to just have a taste of everything so the tea service was perfect (and seriously filling).

Pix Patisserie was a fun little place with so much to look at. In every corner, you would see something interesting, and the amount of fancy food they had on display was reminiscent of my summer in Paris (don’t I sound sooooo bourgeious?).




From all the posters on the wall, it also looked like Pix Patisserie offers a lot of events, like happy hour, NYE parties, and champagne tastings. I could definitely see going back soon, and making Holiday Tea an annual tradition.



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