Working Hard for the Bells

OMG you guys, I’m such a liar.

My last post was about how little free time I have, and I swear I believed it at the time. Then later as I was crawling into bed, I picked up my Nintendo DS, and I realized I’m totally full of shit.

A couple years ago, I posted about my other part-time job: Animal Crossing (read it here for the backstory). As mayor of Cat Town, I pull weeds, deliver my town’s citizens’ packages, hunt for rare bugs, and continually redecorate my house. It’s an important job that requires a daily check-in, otherwise things get a little out of hand. This job takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes before I fall asleep – it’s been built into my schedule since something like 2004. (No joke).

But for as completely satisfied as I am with my current version of AC, last September they released Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. The description reads:

As the new designer at Nook’s Homes, you’ll get to create homes, yards, and buildings—and make all your new animal friends happy.

Dudes, I have been training for this game for almost a decade.

No longer am I the mayor (and the lack of status does irk me), but now I’ve been hired as an interior decorator. When local animal says, “Design a tropical room for me,” I already know: the Cabana furniture series. Or when I was asked to design a school, it was like OMG I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for yearsssss. And let me tell you, my school has classroom libraries, collaborative spaces for flexible grouping, and a print-rich environment.

Look at those organized spaces and centers!


And let’s not forget the restaurants, hotel, concert hall, shopping mall, corporate office, and hospital I’ve designed, and redesigned.

As much as I love the new and old game, it presents a curious dilemma: how do I best manage my video game playing time? Do I alternate nights? Do I play a little of both each night? This leaves very little time for reading a book before bed…


So when I boo-hoo, “I’ve got no free time to learn how to needle felt,” or whatever, it’s all crap. I’ve made the choice to devote a percentage of everyday to playing Nintendo, and frankly, between Animal Crossing and the daily lunchtime soccer I play with the 7th grade boys at school, and our employee discount at Nike, I’m living the pre-teen dream.

Looking for a GREAT gift for under the Christmas tree this year? I think I’ve given you a very solid option.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.43.48 PM.png


One thought on “Working Hard for the Bells

  1. I myself am not a fan of the series but I am a fan of Nintendo and do enjoy Super Mario & The Legend Of Zelda. It is great to have a serious passion for a certain franchise as let’s face it, some people go to church, others to their mosques and us to our game consoles. If Nintendo has taught us anything, it is that we are more tolerant other gamers than they are of us (PlayStation gamers for example). Us NintendBros & Gals must stick together 😉

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