It’s the best time of year, and the worst time of year. While I wind down 2015, I can look at my annual bucket list and go, “Yeah! I did that!” and then also see the others lurking, unfinished.

Yesterday I made reservations for Holiday Tea, and sent out three letters, so some of my goals are in the bag…but spending a weekend on Sauvie’s Island? Probably not going to happen. Running at the Oregon State Prison? DEFINITELY not going to happen since there aren’t anymore races until 2016. Building a snow cave? Based on the recent snowfall, it’s possible.

At the same time, my draft of 2016 goals is so absolutely IMMENSE that a paring down process is also necessary before I wrap up the year.

But you know what? At this point, I’m just TIRED. I’m working something like 55-60 hours a week right now, and since I’m committed to getting my workouts in and watching every episode of The Young and Restless, there’s very little precious time left. So if I don’t learn to needle felt this year, I’m just going to have to let that one go.

That being said, I did build a new ikea armchair and redecorated my office. The next day I made a stash of handmade ribbons and certificates for the honor roll students at school.


THEN hosted a pancake breakfast for close to 100 students, and because I had a couple free minutes, I pulled out my toolbox and fixed two broken tables in the library. The librarian called me “Jane-of-all-trades.”

The point is that I’m not letting my J-O-B get in the way of my A-D-D. (OK, bad joke). No really, you know that feeling you get when you’re past exhaustion and suddenly get a second burst of frenzied energy? I’m there.

Once December officially hits, I will start categories my goals for 2016. Until then I’m just going to take Thanksgiving break to veg out, eat some sugar-free pie, catch up on Netflix, and maybe take up needle felting at the same time.




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