#15 – Revisit My College Town. Check.

You would think that living a mere 100 miles from Eugene, Oregon, where I received my undergrad degree wouldn’t be that difficult to visit. But somehow eleven years have slipped by and I’ve had no real reason to go back and visit since I have graduated. At this point, I feel a far deeper connection to the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) than University of Oregon, but nonetheless I’ve been curious to revisit my old Eugene haunts to see what has changed.

This weekend I finally managed to get myself down there for about 24 hours of pure nostalgia. Here’s how it went:

  1. Ducks Football – with tickets in the 2nd row…in the pouring rain, of course.


2. A night at the Motel 66 – Eugene is still not set up to handle all the people who come watch football. I think we literally got the last vacancy of ANY hotel, motel, or B&B in town.


3. Breakfast at the Glenwood – I had the avocado omelet, just like old times. The service was still terrible, but we weren’t in a hurry so I didn’t get all Gordon Ramsay on them.

4. A rainy stroll around campus –  I could even locate the curb lip in front of Lillis that I once crashed on my skateboard. Some things you never forget!


5. Ahhhh Espresso Roma – I drank tea and studied my ass off in this place, and thankfully it was one of the few non-chain-franchise-sellout places left. Sadly, the record store has been replaced by an American Apparel.


6. Creeping on my old apartments – There’s something about the house we lived on at 12th & Ferry that will forever be my dream home. It was enormous, and certainly haunted. I was tempted to knock on the front door but when I looked in the windows, I think the place was actually vacant. I guess the pictures I hid for fun behind the drawers of the back of a built-in will have to be uncovered another day.


And then we went home. Back to good old 2015. See you in another 10 years, Eugene.


One thought on “#15 – Revisit My College Town. Check.

  1. Cool trip! I went back in spring 2012, a full 12 years since I had been there, I think. Anyway, I had a picnic with my family on the grass near my old dorm. The freshmen throwing frisbees there were BORN THE YEAR I LIVED THERE. #old

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