Let me tell you about my OTHER new job…

Oh come on – you know me. One job is never enough; even two seems a little too manageable. When I was something like nine years old, I vaguely remember my great-grandma telling me, “Everyday you should be making money, even if it’s just a dollar.” And if you know me, you know I’m always figuring my next angle.

Having multiple jobs isn’t a new thing for me. In college, I worked at a call center for General Motors, and while you’d think that being a full-time college student with a job would be enough, it certainly didn’t pay enough. To supplement my income, I collected free promotional posters from the local record store everyday on my way home from class and promptly spent hours selling them on eBay (My roommates can attest that I had posters and shipping supplies cluttering our apartment).  Later, when I got my first teaching job, I still made batches of 100 chocolate chip cookies every Sunday on the side for extra cash.

Over the last few days, I’ve been in Denver for an awesome coaching conference, but tomorrow I fly home early so that I can hop right off the plane, into my car, and teach a night class at Concordia University. Having led some professional development at other universities before, I wasn’t sure what to expect – but so far it’s definitely my jam.

The students show up on time, they do their homework, and they are excited to learn. Of course, give them three years in public education and all of that will be sucked out of them, but for now they are really fun to work with. Beyond the fact that I get to help new teachers learn critical skills for the classroom and blah blah blah, I get to tell bad jokes, show funny Youtube videos, and then end the night with motivational true stories about former students. So far, it’s a great gig.

But as I sit in my hotel room, it’s hard to process that I will be finishing a conference tomorrow morning, hopping on a plane, teaching a night class, and then waking up and going back to my regular day job. This IS how Warren Buffett does things, right?

You see, I’m on a quest. I can’t just sit in a meeting, day after day. I can’t just teach the same lesson, day after day. I can’t just see the same paycheck, month after month.


Despite all the evidence, I’m certain there is something else out there for me; a perfect fit. So I’ll just keep working until I find it – whatever that it may be.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t work EVERYDAY. This weekend I’ll be back on a plane to Vegas, totally un-work-related. If there’s one thing us teachers do, it’s party hard. Ask a teacher, they’ll tell you.Friday-Work-Meme-02


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