About that Homeland Security class…

When I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I swore to never step foot in another classroom again. When I graduated with my Master’s in Teaching, I swore to never take another class. When I completed my Continuing Teaching License credential, I said, “Now that’s it. No more school!” And when I completed my Administrative License credential, I was officially maxed out on the education credits that would count towards my salary pay bump. For 8 years, I worked my full-time teaching position, as well as attended evening and summer classes – it was officially break time.

But any time that a student teacher is placed in my classroom, I receive a free credit voucher and it seems such a waste to not use them. I scanned the Concordia education classes and realized I had taken every single one of them. Instead, I looked at their undergrad classes and noticed their Homeland Security program. The classes were titled things like, “International & Domestic Terrorism”, “Cybersecurity” and “Ethics of Law Enforcement.” Apparently, I was born 10 years too early – these classes sound riveting to me, a great follow-up to my Sheriff’s and FBI Academy of the last couple years. I was meant to be a TSA Agent!

I decided that fall term I would enroll in a class for fun (and even contacted Concordia about it). But as we all know, things come up. Instead of taking a class at Concordia, I will actually be teaching a class this fall term for pre-service teachers. (As you can tell, one full-time job is never enough for me).

It’s a little sad that I already know I won’t complete my “Take a Homeland Security Class” goal for the year, but at the same time teaching at Concordia is a great replacement. I’ll still be on campus one night a week, so maybe I’ll crash a class once or twice…


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