Letters of the Summer

I’ve learned something: adults don’t write back.

Although I never expected responses from all the letters I’ve written each month this year, it has been interesting to see who writes back nonetheless. At this point, I’ve written something like 50+ letters, to several adults and lots of former students. Who has written back? A lot of those students.

Translation: Adults need to stop complaining that all kids do these days is play video games, watch tv, and lack the responsibility of the former generations. From what I can tell, kids of this generation might be just waiting for a reason to write and we aren’t giving it to them.

Granted, I did write to a couple of my former principals this summer and they both wrote back to me – but other than that it’s been straight up kid letters (which frankly are more fun anyway). This month, the trend continued and I decided to write a few of former that I anticipate having a challenging new year; since I moved to a new school, it might be nice to wish them good luck.

My final letter was to a former colleague who was always coming into my room on Fridays desperate for chocolate. She would claim she was dying without it so I made sure to enclose a giant deluxe chocolate bar in the letter. She left me a voicemail on Friday night that said, “Thank you for the chocolate – I was dying without it!”

I’m already making plans for next years letters, but I’m considering sending postcards instead. I recently listened to this podcast and was riveted. Basically, this girl in New York gets a very personal postcard delivered to her from someone who seems to know her, but it’s from 1938. And it doesn’t stop there – if you like a good real-life mystery, you should definitely give it a listen:


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