#17- Redo our bedroom. Check. (And my office while I’m at it).

I know y’all are thinking that all I did this summer was travel and lay by the water, but actually August was one hell of a productive month. First, I moved into a new office at my new school, which was a lot more work that you probably expect. When teachers transfer classrooms or schools, no one packs up their stuff or moves it all for them. We sweat it out in unairconditioned buildings on our own time; it’s pretty miserable. Although this year was admittedly easier (since I downsized from a classroom to an office) but this was the state of the office when I got the key:


Despite the fact that it literally hadn’t been vacuumed for an entire year and someone decided to use double-sided tape to make a bulletin board on the wall, it’s actually decent sized with a couple of outlets (and really that all I need to make it mine). My last office was located inside a school cafeteria, complete with the smell of hot dogs and the whoosh of a kitchen fan at all moments. No complaining here! I put on a fresh coat of paint, got rid of the hideous desk, vacuumed the carpet and scrubbed the baseboards. Granted, it’s not finished to my satisfaction, but after several days of labor, I’ve made it my own.


At the very same time, Thor was fed up with our queen-sized bed at home. Men named Thor aren’t queen-sized, and when you add three cats to the mix, space was limited. We’ve also lived in our home for close to eight years and it was time for the carpet to GO.

Before I go any further, know that we live in a new townhouse community with a monthly HOA for a reason. Mowing lawns? Cleaning gutters? Power washing windows? Ain’t got time for that! A lot of people enjoy working on old houses, but we both actually enjoy working on our careers, so we’ll leave the home maintenance to the rest. But every once in awhile we will involve ourselves in a home project.

I totally forgot to take a “before” pic with the furniture, but even without it you can see this room was tired. (Also, it’s not very big for a master bedroom).


My first step was getting rid of most of the furniture. We sold our bed frame on Craigslist and donated the rest to the Vietnam Veteran’s of America (which I highly recommend). We spent a night at Sears picking out the perfect king-sized mattress, and I spent one of my final days of summer searching for a new king-sized bed frame.

In one solid Sunday afternoon, Thor spent his time ripping out the carpet and laying new laminate hardwoods while I painted the bedroom around him. We slept on the floor anxiously awaiting our new bed to be delivered, and I agonized for something close to three hours in Target on our new king-sized bedding.

The result?


The picture really doesn’t do it justice.


I’ll get to new curtains and a rug eventually, but nothing spoke to me at the moment. We also haven’t officially finished the closet, but the floors, walls and king-sized bed are all taken care of and that was really the most important part. The Andy Warhol print also doesn’t exactly go with my new “Courtyard Marriot” feel, but whatever…

I can’t tell you how much the quality of our sleep has improved, and as you can tell, the cats are digging it, too.

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