Letters of June – Second Edition

My first letter of the month deserved it’s own post, but I’ve also already sent out my other letters of the month…all 30 of the them.

At the end of every school year, I write a letter to each student that they take home on the last day of school. It takes several straight hours of writing, but students have come back in later years and told me how they still have their letter – so I just keep plugging along. And since next year I won’t be returning to a traditional classroom, why give up the tradition now? Each one of my 26 students got a letter, and although they didn’t all go in the mail per se, they were still handwritten letters.

I also sent two “get well” cards to some friends who both recently had knee surgery, and if there’s one thing I can relate to – IT’S KNEE SURGERY.

Finally, I sent out a couple more to my two BFFs, Courtney and David, to kick off the summer (look for that surprise in your mailbox in a couple days).

Then today I checked my mailbox and realized that I got a response from one of my May letters. You might think that my inner 75 year-old stops at bingo, crosswords, and Jell-O, but I’m also a total busybody. That includes writing complaint letters to companies about their products, or an occasional letter to the editor in the local paper.

Here’s my original letter:

Dear NORPAC Foods, Inc.

Last week I purchased the Flavrpac Broccoli-Cauliflower “Quick N Easy Combo” at my local grocery store. Tonight I was terribly disappointed in the product. First off, when I opened the package and was preparing to cook the broccoli and cauliflower, it was evident I had clearly paid for 80% ice and 20% vegetables. Disappointing.

Second, once I had cooked the vegetables (according to the package directions) and drained the excessive amount of water, the pieces of broccoli were shriveled and visibly brown. I was embarrassed to serve the side dish to my family, and was possibly concerned about the safety of the food.

I ended up throwing the entire amount in the trash, and at this point I cannot see myself purchasing another Norpac product again due to the extremely poor quality of the product, and what feels like a complete disregard for consumer satisfaction.

I make almost all of the grocery decisions for my household and I’m not expecting luxury out of a bag of frozen vegetables – but considering that I purchase frozen vegetables every single week, this kind of occurrence is unacceptable.

Thank you for reading.

Well, NORPAC heard my cry and responded with some coupons. See? Letters get things done!


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