Letters of June – Part One

Back in high school I was suspended a couple times. The first was for fighting (she hit me first!) and the other was for an column that I wrote in the school paper. In the article, I spoke against about teen pregnancy, and said some (admittedly) insensitive and inflammatory things about teen moms. The journalism teacher reported that I “snuck in” the article (a total lie!) and it created a storm of angry teen moms, angry moms of teen moms, and anyone else who was offended by what I wrote. (There was a bad joke about how I wanted to punch a baby). It lasted for months.

I admitted I could have said it more delicately, but through that experience, I really learned the power of writing. While in the principal’s office, the principal smiled at me and said, “Always remember the pen is mightier than the sword, and unfortunately some people don’t understand sarcasm.”

Tonight I decided to hand deliver a letter that I know might cause a stir, but frankly I’m just being honest. Who was that letter to? My former boss, aka the worst principal of all time. Never has anyone made me feel so worthless, worn out, or hopeless. There are a lot of bad bosses out there, but this guy crossed over into unethical and downright dysfunctional. Lucky for me, I found a fabulous new school, with a fabulous new team and new world class boss. Talk about a Cinderella story.

As I post this, I understand that not everyone will agree with 1) me delivering this letter, and 2) me posting it publicly here, but I’ve never been one to be bullied. And those that know the recipient of this letter will understand just why I had to deliver it on the last day of school.

As a teacher, I frequently ask my students to become activists via writing, to challenge what they think is wrong; that words can change culture and mindsets more than violence. So here’s to the little guy, always fighting the man.


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