I’ve got the turkey, who’s bringing the pumpkin pie?

It’s been several years since I’ve blogged about couponing – but that’s how this blog all got started. One girl’s quest to live large on a little bit of money (hence the name Couponbomb). Yet, when my one-year couponing challenging was over, I just got lazy and annoyed with how time consuming the searching/cutting/shopping process was becoming. Sure, I saved over $8,000 that year – but my Sundays were almost completely devoted to couponing; I needed a break.

A three and a half year break, that is.

Until last month I heard that our local Albertson’s was going out of business. I popped in and found literally everything on sale, but was sneaky enough to overhear two women whispering about how the store was staying open until July, and that the real sales would be coming up in June. So I took a good look around, mentally noted what I might scavenge for later, and left.

Last weekend, I returned for a weekly grocery trip (and some coupons in hand). It was like old times. Except old times on steroids, since the prices were already starting to get slashed. My husband, Thor, adamantly hates my couponing (another reason I began to lose interest) so I tried to play it cool…but I’ll tell you that my brain was on fire.

10% off all produce

15% off canned foods

25% off hair care products

Whole turkeys at $0.50 a pound

Calculate those discounts on top of my coupons and…andAND…….

But like I said, I played it cool. I bought several items that I didn’t have coupons for, and only bought one turkey despite my inner discount monologue, You could eat a turkey this month AND save one for Thanksgiving! I made a definitive list in my head of the aisles I will be pillaging in a couple weeks, just like those Extreme Couponing shows, and fantasized filling my cart like I was competing on Supermarket Sweep. All this, with a straight face.

When we rang up our groceries and I handed the cashier my coupons, it was just like riding a bike – and when he handed me the receipt that said we had saved $51.55, I imagined my brain was lighting up like a gambler’s when they get a win. (Hey – I haven’t had sugar, alcohol, dairy, or starches for 21 days – I need this).

Tonight I booked another trip to Vegas for the end of the month, but I know that my real gambling will be right down the street at Albertson’s.


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