Piano is out! French is in!

One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to relearn how to play the piano. In college, I took piano classes and was at the point where I could play with both hands and could easily read music (which I already knew since I can play the flute). We have a nice keyboard and I thought all I really needed was some motivation.

WRONG. Over spring break I said to myself, “Ok – today I start!” and I set up a nice desk/keyboard area, hooked up to a big computer monitor so I could either use an app or look up music online (down the road). Then I couldn’t find the cord to plug in the keyboard. It took close to 30 minutes to find it. Then the cord wasn’t long enough to get to the outlet and I couldn’t move the desk any closer. Then I accidentally knocked over a shelf and my craft supplies went flying. I took a cleansing breath and thought, “Today is NOT the day I start.”

And I haven’t even bothered to pretend with the piano since then.

HOWEVER, very soon after the piano shitaster, my mom asked if I wanted to join her in Paris this summer. I studied French all through college (and almost double majored in it) but never really had the chance to speak it somewhere Frenchy. As the years have passed, I can definitely read French but my speaking and listening is back to a beginner level.

It’s my blog and I can change it if I want to, so I’m crossing off the relearning the piano, and swapping to relearning French. With a travel date of July on the calendar, I need to move fast

Last week I downloaded a few French podcasts, my favorite thus far being FrenchPod101. I can’t say the lessons are all that helpful, but I like how the hosts bicker a little bit – and since one is American and one is French, they talk about some cultural differences, etc.


My struggle at this point is that my brain is a swiss cheese of vocabulary. I can remember some incredibly obscure things, but then forget how to say, “I want,” two seconds later. I know it will come back to me, but with only seven weeks to go – I imagine I’ll be listening to a lot of podcast and flipping a lot of flash cards.

I’m sure many people right now are saying, “You’ll pick it back up when you get there,” but the point is that if I dedicated years of my life to learning it – I would like to have a nice solid brush up before going. If I look the fool and say something like, “Kick my toilet,” well, that’s life.

Pendant ce temps, je voudrais parler le français un peu mieux. (Did I say that right?)

6 thoughts on “Piano is out! French is in!

  1. OMG Eddie Izzard – LOL. I signed up for duo lingo last summer but without a goal I didn’t do much with it. Maybe I’ll go back and see if my account is still active. Also – my teaching partner and I are working on a fall trip to Berlin so maybe we’ll have those beers after all!

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