Why I don’t monetize my blog

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I also have a podcast. In fact, my friend, Amanda, and I have podcasted longer than I have ever blogged. I don’t really mention anything about our podcast here because this blog has really just been about me, and our podcast is a monthly recap of The Young & the Restless (check out our Facebook page here!) which is a separate facet of my life.

But in the last week, I’ve had three different people ask why I don’t try to monetize my blog or podcast. Amanda and I really do have a serious following on our podcast (which continues to crack us up – sometimes it’s hard to believe people like listening to us drink beer and talk soaps). While we discussed the possibility of trying to make a few bucks off our podcast in the beginning, we decided that podcasting really is entertainment for us. It’s pretty cool that other people listen to us and chat on Facebook, but we are seriously just recording conversations we would already be having and that’s FUN. By monetizing our podcast, it kind of feels like it would become WORK. No bueno!

The same goes for my blog here. I have a deep entrepreneurial spirit (my friends in college could tell you about how eBay paid my rent through college) and love the idea of making money by yourself (in fact, I think more people should do it). But, again, I don’t blog for money. This page (and the bucket lists developed through the years) have become a way to challenge and enrich my life…and frankly if I was asking you to buy something to read it or give donations, then that might change the reliability of my content…my blog might become less about me and more about gaining readership (and that’s not why I’m here).

If you want to make money off your blog, AWESOME – go for it! But I’m just here hang out, try some stupid things, share some resources, and contribute to the freeness of the interweb. I think it’s pretty rad that in 2015, I can post some random writing about my desire to run a 10k at the state prison and people from around the world are reading it…and in turn, I explore their blogs (ok, I admit it – if you “like” a blog post, I secretly troll your profile and read your blog). I think this is what Al Gore was going for when he created the internet, right? (That’s a joke, people).

Anyway, thank you for reading – all I ask is that you possibly send me cool ideas that you think I would be interested in. And if you’re into The Young & the Restless, you should check out our podcast! Find us on iTunes!

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2 thoughts on “Why I don’t monetize my blog

  1. I love your point of view here. I JUST started my blog, so monetizing it is not even in my realm of possibility (I’m pretty sure my husband is the only human being who has seen it at this point), but I have to admit I have often thought how lucky bloggers are who have been able to make their living from it. Writing for the pure pleasure of it is valuable too.

    • Not to say I haven’t considered the possibility, but just like you said, the pleasure of writing has value, too. I also read that if you plan on monetizing a blog, you should do it from day one bc switching over confuses people.

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