Letters of April

April isn’t even over but my four letters have already been sent. Actually, I wrote five letters. BOOM!

This month I took a break from writing to my former students (well, mostly).

I chose two friends who don’t live in Oregon anymore. Even though I can text or email them, or see pictures on Facebook, getting a letter in the mail is kind of fun. I also got to use my new kawaii stationary:


(You know you want this stationary…)

Then I wrote to two “mentors” who have helped me professionally. One I am currently working with, and the other I haven’t seen in three years. (No, I did not send them the cat stationary LOL).

My 5th letter was to my former student, who I wrote about in February when I found out he was in jail (read it here). We’ve become pen pals, of sorts, and his letters are pretty hilarious. For a young guy stuck in a detention center in a remote part of Washington, he sure can make light of his situation. For instance, he told me that it’s “saw season”, meaning the inmates are trained how to use chainsaws to go out and cut down trees, supervised by one unarmed guard. “Seems like a great idea, right?!” he joked.

He was also a talented artist, and since I love art and integrate it into my lessons daily, he sent little pictures of stuff he has drawn. He bemoaned a complete lack of art supplies except for a mass amount of pencils and paper.

They’ve got chainsaws, but not markers. Think about that for just a minute, will you?

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