How I Rented the Runway

Was it just last weekend that I was in Vegas, dressed to the nines while eating meatballs in a casino?

A lot of people have asked me about how I rented a designer dress, so this post is dedicated to how it worked for me, and why I think I’m officially hooked. If you’re a dude, you might want to tune out right about now…

First off, my budget for buying a dress specifically to wear in Vegas was about $100. However, I had a feeling the type of dress I would buy wouldn’t be the kind I would be pulling out a couple weeks later to wear to work, or even out to dinner. In my brain, there were visions of gold, sequins, glitter…

So I got on Rent the Runway. I didn’t know anyone else personally who had rented a designer dress, but I feel like usually I’m the guinea pig of my circle. An hour and $40 later, not only had I rented a dress, but I had texted my Vegas buddy, Kelly, and she also rented a dress. That way we could be uber fancy twins.


Ok so you pick a dress (from a huge selection). Then you choose 4 consecutive days on their calendar and “reserve” your dress. My $600 Slate & Willow dress costs $40 to rent for an extended weekend. Worried it won’t fit? You get to select a 2nd dress size for FREE. There are also lots of customer reviews (with pictures) describing how it fit them. The two dresses arrived on a Thursday, and included a pre-paid UPS envelope to ship them back on Sunday.

We didn’t have to worry about dry cleaning or even finding mailing envelopesEverything about renting our dresses went seamless until we drove around Vegas for an hour looking for a damned UPS dropbox that was open (note to self: figure that out ahead of time).

Rent the Runway also has handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, jackets, and a few other pieces. Rental prices are all different, but all of the dresses I considered, they ranged between $35 – 60. The calendar is easy to navigate, and insurance is included.

They also have an “Unlimited” program where you can have any three items at a time, and keep them for as long or a little as you like. Yesterday I was wandering around Banana Republic and thought to myself, “Why the hell would I ever buy anything again?” Sure, I’m probably delusional, but I swear this might save me money in the long run.

So check it out: Rent the Runway

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