Madonna Moment #2

I’m still recovering from my Gaga weekend, but I promised to post many favorite “Madonna Moments” until also seeing her live in October.

When I was in 5th grade, Dick Tracy came out on the big screen, starring a bunch of people I didn’t know, AND MADONNA. I bought the soundtrack and listened to it constantly. I remember one night my dad came into my room, raised his eyebrow, and asked, “Do you really like this music?” And when I shrugged and said yes, he blurted, “This is the kind of music grandpa likes!”

(To which point I think I started listening to the big band AM radio station my grandpa had tuned to in the car…so your attempt to thwart my music selection failed, dad.)

It’s hard to believe this was almost 25 years ago, but I think people often forget Madonna’s iconic role as Breathless Mahoney. Even though she was killed in the end, we ALLLLL know that Dick Tracy obviously should have ended up with Breathless, and not that frumpy, stuck-up Trish. Even at 10 years old, I knew that relationship wouldn’t last. If she’s already imposing rules on you before you’re even married, it’s time to move on to the hot mysterious blonde. But alas, Hollywood loves to kill the blondes and stick the leading men with more “stable” characters.

But hey, Madonna, if you’re reading this – I haven’t forgotten…

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