#1 – Taste Expensive Caviar & #24 – See Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Live. Checkkkkkk!

Live from Las Vegas, it’s my blog!

I’ll admit, Las Vegas is not my favorite town…but after a fabulous Halloween and this weekend’s whirlwind trip, it’s growing on me.

Last night, my friend, Kelly, and I checked into the Bellagio Hotel with our suitcases full of rented designer dresses and glitter heels in anticipation of a classic and glamorous Vegas experience: Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga live, singing their new album Cheek to Cheek.

I had never seen Tony Bennett before, but I have seen Lady Gaga (blogged as one of my top five life experiences) and I’ve been dying to see her again. When Kelly invited me to see Gaga with Tony Bennett in Vegas, it was a no brainer. But we had to do it the right way.

First off, we both rented designer dresses from Rent The Runway, riddled with sequins, and booked a room on the strip. When we checked in, Kelly sandwiched a $20 bill between her ID and credit card and smoothly said, “Anything you can do to make our stay more enjoyable would be appreciated…” A few minutes later we were upgraded to a better room and given complimentary late checkout (because you know it wasn’t going to be an early night).

photo 1

We put on our party gear, and headed to dinner at a fancy place called Yellowtail. Now eating caviar was never in my original Vegas plan, but when I saw Toro Caviar on the menu, and there we were looking like we owned the place, I insisted we splurge a little…ok well a lot.

Last year I wanted to taste a fine wine, just to see if it was really that different, but it ended up being a memorable experience of “Remember when we ordered that expensive bottle of wine…?” I thought maybe tasting an expensive caviar would be a educational treat for a special occasion. Admittedly, I don’t know anything about caviar, other that it should come from a sturgeon, and Tom Hanks didn’t like it in Big. Our Toro Caviar wasn’t cheap, but when the server asked, “What can I bring you tonight?” and I replied, “Definitely the caviar,” it felt pretty baller.

We also shared several other fancy plates, but we really took our time with the caviar (as it was only 4 tiny portions):

photo After taking our first bite, we looked at each other (much the same as my wine experience) and went, “Well ok..I guess that’s good…?” Mind blowing, it was not; but perhaps that was because our palates just aren’t as expensively refined as we looked.

After dinner, we headed to the show, and it was awesome. Gaga changed outfits many times, each one as sparkly and feathery and classic you would expect. After seeing Britney Spears lip sync an entire show on that same stage in October, hearing Gaga and Tony Bennett actually belt out their tunes (and they both killed it) reminded me just how impressive their showmanship was.

With all the lights and movement, getting a good picture was impossible (but I didn’t want to have my phone out and miss the show anyway), but we had great seats and you could really see the Gaga’s glittery make up and their pretty distinctive chemistry. It’s hard to believe Tony Bennett is almost 90 years old because he sang like a rockstar (no pun intended) and Gaga’s voice puts other pop stars to shame. Ultimately, their silly banter with the crowd made it an incredibly entertaining show and you could tell they were having a good time, too.

photo 2

It was a night of extravagant luxuries in a variety of ways, and I’m headed back home in a couple hours. When I’m cutting coupons for groceries later this month, I’ll be remembering the taste of caviar and the sound of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.”

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