#25 MYSTERY GOAL – Unlocked

Earlier this month I mentioned that I’m playing a bit of my own personal game with my bucket list items this year. While I have my typical “learn this” or “try that” goals, I decided to add a “Mystery Goal.” Once that mystery goal was officially revealed, I would add two more mystery goals and secretly shoot for them – and these mystery goals aren’t just normal, everyday goals: they are epic. (You may be thinking I’m totally insane right now, but I swear I have a system fully worked out in my head).

Let me tell you – when it rains, it POURS. My first mystery goal was to see Lady Gaga in Vegas…and now that I have my ticket and flight secured, I’m sure I’ll be crossing that off next month. In my opinion, Gaga is AH-MAZ-ING, but there is another woman who was far more formative in my life:


That’s right. THE woman. The Queen. Madge.

I have no clue what I listened to before Madonna…because she started it all. And the last time she was in Portland, it was 1985 and I wasn’t even five years old yet. Although I parted ways with Madonna’s music in high school (she kind of lost me with Ray of Light and Bedtime Stories), some of her singles in the 2000s kept me interested. Then she kissed Britney Spears at the VMAs and got herself a 26 year old boyfriend, and I realized I will always love her.

But alas, when I heard she was playing here in PDX in the fall, I hemmed and hawed about my wallet. I totally splurged on Gaga tickets already! Sadly, I told my other Madonna loving friends that I would have to sit this one out, but maybe I would photoshop myself into a picture with her.

Last week on the way home from work, I’m driving in my car with my iTunes on shuffle. Not one, not two, but three songs from The Immaculate Collection comes on in a row (out of hundreds of songs). It was a sign; and I immediately began the hunt for tickets. A few Facebook messages, one latte, and about a million heart palpitations later, I eeked out tickets this morning – and they weren’t even that expensive!

I totally understand that some people might be thinking this is the lamest goal ever. Madonna is 56 years old, strutting around with a puffy face, in fishnets, and talking in an English accent. I get it. But to those of us who grew up with her; like worshipped her, that idolatry will never die.

October is a ways away, but in the meantime – I’ll be posting some of my favorite Madonna moments here (because there are far too many for one post).

Madonna Moment #1:

2 thoughts on “#25 MYSTERY GOAL – Unlocked

  1. Oh my. The 56, puffy face description really got me. However, I’m trying to wear it proudly and age most gracefully! Love your stuff, Lindsay. P.S. We really do need to get together…Maybe this summer???

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