Pros and Cons of Writing Letters

Although there are some goals I haven’t even attempted this year, one that remains in the forefront is writing a letter a week (albeit more like 4 a month). In 2015, I have officially mailed ten real handwritten letters through the mail, which is probably ten more than I did during all of last year. Success!

But to be honest, it’s kind of a pain in the ass, and I can see why people (including me) are lazy and just rely on email and Facebook. Here’s what I’ve learned so far in my first quarter of the year, which seems like a bunch of no-brainers, but well, you know…


PRO: People actually write you back, thus checking the mail is far more appealing than when you only get credit card offers and grocery coupons.

CON: It takes time to hand write a letter, look up an address, and walk to the mailbox. I give it 10 total minutes a letter, so if you sit down and write four at a time – well, that’s a lot more work than shooting out a few emails out (especially since I type close to 100 wpm).

PRO: Stationary! The more letters you send, the more fun stationary you get to pick out! Paper candy!

CON: Stamps! I ran out last month and kept forgetting over and over to buy more. Then I went on the USPS website to order them (thinking that was a foolproof option) and it said they would take approximately 7-10 days to be delivered! What?! Can’t the mailman just pull some out of his pocket?? And they charged shipping! I ended up getting them at the grocery store approximately 6 more forgotten days later.

PRO: Clearly my letters have made an impact on those I have sent them to, and that feels good, and motivates me to send more.

CON: Since I am essentially looking up my former students’ addresses through our district server, I’m not sure if they are all actually being received (don’t be shocked: people lie to schools about their address all the time). An email or Facebook message would be a lot more effective in the actual delivery of my message.

Either way, I’m relearning the art of letter writing…maybe I should read some Emily Post.


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