About that “Mystery Goal”

This year, I added a twist to my bucket list with a “mystery goal.” A few people asked me what the “mystery” might be, and I admitted that I had no clue. A few things were rolling around my brain but I didn’t want to commit to something to big or too weird and then beat myself up if I couldn’t make it happen. I’ve learned that while it is critical to think big and write down certain items, the ones that aren’t exactly in our control maybe shouldn’t be written down. Even if you hope the goal is achieved, you’ll feel like shit if it doesn’t, and that isn’t exactly fair.

But one of my “big” goals started to magically come together last week. A good friend, who lives in Las Vegas, texted me Tuesday night: “You should come see Gaga & Bennett next month with me.” I immediately responded, “YESSSS!!!!” The next morning, she had locked down a presale code and snagged us tickets, all before lunch.

Hopping on a plane to Vegas isn’t exactly part of my normal budget, but I’ve been stockpiling some cash in my sock drawer (literally) for some such occasion. And if you know anything about me, you know I love me some Gaga. While pop music isn’t exactly my preference, Lady Gaga represents more than music to me – she’s a full experience. In my classroom, I use her speeches on same-sex marriage and equality to discuss how musicians can influence social and political causes.


She can actually sing (which I totally butcher at karaoke), and hearing her speak live (back when she was in Portland) was a seriously intense experience. A lot of pop stars are out there to make money and crash Ferraris, but I truly believe she has an agenda to change the world for the better (at least when it comes to equality).

Then there’s Tony Bennett. An icon. I actually tried to get tickets to see him in Portland a couple summers ago, and the price was astronomical. So the fact that these two are playing together, in Vegas nonetheless, is something I cannot pass up. Thus I have “unlocked” a mystery goal and have added Goal #24: See Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Live.


When drafting my 2015 goals in December, I had also made another secret pact with myself (that I will now share): If I unlock one “mystery goal,” then I will open up two other possibilities…that shall remain unnamed. That’s right – I just turned my bucket list into a game. And it’s just the start…

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