#6 – Visit a cat cafe. Check.

Did you know Portland opened a Cat Cafe just a couple weeks ago? It’s true. Purrington’s Cat Lounge is located on MLK Blvd & NE Fremont, and for $8 and hour, you can have a drink and play with some cats that are looking to be adopted.

So last night, three friends and I visited Purrington’s for the first (of probably many) times. IMG_3750

Here’s how it works: the cafe is separated into two rooms. The first is the “cafe” part, where you check in and can purchase your snacks. Then once you’ve received clearance, they let you go into the “lounge”, where there are cafe tables and the cats are milling around.


The cat room

Groups of people are arranged in hourly shifts, so we had the 6-7 hour block on a Saturday night (and were totally surprised how many grown men were also there). There were a slew of rules (i.e. don’t pick up the cats, don’t be loud, don’t feed them, etc) and pretty much you just hang out.


Wine and deviled eggs – what more could you ask for?

For us, it was pretty cool, but I must admit the cats weren’t as snuggly as we’d all hoped. Mostly, they did their own thing (and half of them were sleeping in hidden areas). Let’s be real – they’re cats.


If you’re planning to visit, here are a few important notes:

1. Dress in layers – It may be cold outside, but they have the heat cranked to something like 92 degrees in there.

2. Don’t expect a full meal – They serve a few finger foods, but we ended up going out to dinner afterwards since 19 deviled eggs does not a meal make.

3. There’s no parking – And it’s not very obvious just driving by; park around the corner on the street and then you’ll find Purrington’s across the street from Subway.

4. Make a reservation online – They have a 20 person maximum so you can schedule your slot ahead of time.

5. Get there on time – Your hour doesn’t start when you get there – it starts when your reservation starts and it goes by fast.

6. Don’t bring the kids – They are banned under 10 (due to some incidents).


A view from the outside.

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