#3 – Watch one classic movie a month. Check.

Tomorrow is the last official day of 2014, and I’m planning on checking off one more (if not two!) final goals. Tonight, I finally check off my goal of watching a classic movie every month. It may seem like an easy goal for some, but in reality I have full time job and a lot of hobbies (in case you can’t tell). I’m also a little neurotic about my sedentary time, so if I’m going to be parked on the couch, it needs to have merit.

I believe I initially envisioned this goal as a time to kick back next to the fireplace and watch a movie that was guaranteed to be good. Have you seen the crap out in the theaters? You pretty much have to twist my arm to go to a new movie; beyond the fact that most movies produced right now suck, I don’t like to be crammed in next to heavy breathing strangers who are rustling their snack wrappers.

Although initially it seemed like there were almost too many choices when I would pick my “classic” movie of the month, I definitely found a rhythm by summer. Translation: I trolled iTunes and pushed play on whatever struck me at that very moment.

I had the pleasure of watching many great movies this year, but obviously you want to know my favorite…right? Drumroll, please………

Best Classic Movie of 2014


BIG WEDNESDAY (1978) – In doing my best not to sound completely pretentious, this movie was freaking lyrical. I’m talking ebbs and flows of a great poem. The film follows the lives of three free-wheeling California surfers, but don’t be fooled – it’s not just an excuse for a fun beach soundtrack or epic surfing montages. While there were moments I definitely laughed out loud (Gary Busey in his element!), the story has many quiet, subdued moments. (Just like the ocean tides?? Why yes, just like that). The boys frequently engage in drunken fist fights and general mayhem (i.e. oiled up Gary Busey throwing himself into an oven), and other times slows as the guys struggle to find their place in the tumultuous times of the late 60s and early 70s. Their friends get married, have kids, get drafted, get killed, become alcoholics and lose it all…but surfing (and their epic bromance) remains constant.


This was one of the best goals I made all year. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t feel like sitting down and watching a classic movie, but once it was over, I felt like I had used my time very wisely. Especially as someone who graduated 10 years ago with an undergrad in Film Studies, but never did anything professionally with it, watching a great movie once a month is the least I could do.

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