A timeline for recovery

I had a doctor’s appointment today. Just the regular old, “How’s it hanging?” kind of appointment that your insurance forces you to go to every 12 months.

The doctor kept saying, “I’m here for you…what are your concerns…?” And I was like, “Nothing – I feel good. Can I go now?” Then she smiled this really saccharine smile and cooed, “Whatever’s good for youuuu is good for meeeee…” 

Then the nursed walked me out and handed me the doctor’s “Follow Up” forms. It said, “Nothing! Remember – I’m here for you!” Ok lady, I got it.

But no really – three years ago, I had two, sometimes three, medical appointments a week for my blown out knee. Every time I saw the surgeon or the physical therapist or the chiropractor, I had a laundry list of questions (and they returned a laundry list of recommendations). A year later, I was 8 months post-surgery and I was still struggling despite finally being able to run outside (a sad limping, lurching kind of jog).

On the way to work, I would regularly fawn over this guy I named, “The Burnside Guy” who wore a full Nike spandex bodysuit who ran past me while I crept along in traffic. As I left the doctor’s office and glimpsed at myself in my full Nike spandex tights and day-glo running shoes, I had a realization: I’m, like, healed. Maybe, just maybe, some other injured weirdo is out there calling me “The Cornell Girl.”

Sure, my knee makes this audible grinding sound when it bends, but there’s no pain. And the questions have finally ceased. I’m no longer spending countless hours googling things like, “ACL recovery”, “knee strengthening exercises”, and “moderate-to-severe joint pain.”

What’s my point to all this? I think I’m ready to move on. I’ve spent THREE YEARS really focused on my knee. My brain has been reprogrammed to focus on the right side of my body, and I often think of my timeline as it’s own Gregorian Calendar of B.K. (Before Knee) and A.K. (After Knee). I can imagine that those who have had a more serious injury or tragic event, this feeling might never go away.

When I was in the midst of my knee woes, I wished there had been something somewhere that said, “Things really will get better – and this is how long it will take…” but nowhere could I find anything about it. If you’re reading this and perhaps also suffering from a recent sports injury or accident (or maybe even a recent break up), I’m telling you THREE YEARS. Sure, it sounds like a long time, but I did it…so can you.



2 thoughts on “A timeline for recovery

    • Haha yes he works there! But he had no clue what I was talking about. We go to the nike employee store every month and I’ve never seen anything like it…but I’m going to figure it out!

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