While I have three weeks to wrap up several goals (almost all are on track), I’m also mentally finalizing my 2015 goals. While I kind of hate it when people post inspirational quotes (while sitting on the couch trolling Facebook), I just ran across this one. Tonight I’m a self-loather:


It’s not exactly a quote, but this is pretty darn close to how I pick my goals. For those who have been reading my blog for a few years, you might remember that I saved over $8,000 by couponing one year; or the next year I focused on reformulating a fitness plan for my blown out knee; and every year I’m working on that creativity piece.

But I’ve also tried to include a travel component (even if it’s just a short distance), and at least one career goal.

I even color-code my goals when I make them to make sure I have an even spread of exercise, hobbies, career, and general fun-ness. Some of them work out, and some don’t, and some change along the way – but in the meantime I find new things that keep me busy or challenge me.

But I finally feel like my knee is mostly healed, I’ve recently found a job opportunity that I’m THRILLED with, and now I have the physical and mental freedom to really take on something new…but what…?

In this article “How to Choose the Right Goals for Yourself,” this particular part stuck out to me:

“What do I want my ideal day to look like?

If you like to putter around in the morning and do most of your work late into the evening, you don’t want to become a preschool teacher any more than you would want to tend bar if you like to go to bed no later than 10 p.m. Make sure that the reality of what you think you want to do actually meshes with the way you like to operate. Take some time to outline your ideal day. What types of things would you do and when? Use this schedule as a test for any goals you may be considering. How well will they fit into your day?”

So what would my ideal day look like? I don’t know. This might be a goal in itself: figure out what my ideal day would look like.

What would your ideal day look like? How do you KNOW it would be your ideal day? How do you know you wouldn’t get tired of it?

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  1. I love this! It’s really pertinent for my current place in life. I’m going to consider this framework for the goals I’m currently setting for next year. All the best with your knee 🙂

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