Singing Karaoke in Every Place but Tokyo

Let’s face it – I’m not going to complete one of my bonus goals this year: Sing Karaoke in Tokyo. Last year I thought I had maybe a 30% chance of accompanying Thor on one of his business trips to Japan since it had been on his traveling circuit a lot at the time. Unfortunately, he just never seemed to go when I was also able to get away.

But that being said, this is more of a life goal…

Karaoke-Kan-Tokyo-007So instead, I’m going to revisit some of the best and most random places that I have sang karaoke (proof that I’m ready to sing karaoke in one of the cities that invented it).

IMG_0224Kansas City, KS – I was in town for work, met a random (and awesome) girl who lived on an arctic island in Canada, and ended up crashing with her in her hotel room. For someone who thinks every stranger is a serial killer, it was very spontaneous of me. Nonethelss, we sang karaoke IN A FLEA MARKET. Yes, you heard that right.

IMG_0158Chopsticks III How Can Be, Portland, OR – If you sing karaoke, this is the place to witness  some of the best singers and strangest audience members. Located between two gravel lots, and with a couple inches of greasy dust lining the walls, it’s a classic dive – but known for it’s karaoke. Although I’ve been there many times, one particular night we got to see a heavily intoxicated dude in a muscle tee croon spanish love songs and do push ups while other people sang. Sadly, he was eventually escorted out by the bouncer.

1606976_797388860290869_1913645568_nTempe, AZ – First, the cab driver dropped us at the wrong bar in the middle of nowhere and drove off before we could flag him down. Then we took a long and winding bus ride through some pretty sketch parts of town. Somehow we ended up at Pho Cao literally three hours before karaoke even started. The KJ personally thanked us for our participation when we left…

9370_634308379932252_812104495_n My classroom – Three years ago I had an incredibly challenging year, and the only way to end it all was by through a giant blowout that included glow sticks and middle schoolers who swore like sailors.


Las Vegas, NV It was Halloween, we just saw Britney Spears, and the karaoke bar was named YOLO’S – how could we say no? Ironically, the KJ gave you a jello shot for every song you sang, and then told us to watch our language while singing Kesha’s Blah Blah Blah. People are walking around wearing pasties, but we can’t say “dick.” Ok……

553045_560123980684026_1453796669_nRockaway Beach, OR – Possibly one of the most unexpectedly awesome karaoke venues I’ve ever visited, Rick’s Hideaway looks like your average small town bar, but we were personally hosted by the owner, Rick, all night. The song selection was huge, and the locals loved to dance. Oh yeah, and they had balloon props – just cause.

Tokyo, I’m coming for you someday. Get ready.

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