Back to the Burpees

It’s true – I miss those burpees. In October, a small group of us committed to doing a daily burpee challenge, and it was brutal, but we all agreed it was a great challenge. We were ready for a new challenge in November. If you spend any time on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen an excess of “30 Day Challenges” ranging from food to fitness to cleaning your cupboards. We settled on an ABS OF STEEL challenge, but by mid-month, we all agreed it was not near as *fun* as burpees.

Today I completed my final day of the ab challenge:


It was kind of challenging, but not like burpees. Sometimes those burpees made me want to barf (in a good way!).

What I’ve learned through these two months of 30 days challenges, though, is the importance of having a group mentality, and the accountability that comes with it. There were definitely days in October and November where I just didn’t feel like doing the workout, but every morning I would post our daily goal on Facebook and throughout the day, people would chime in, “Done!” If I was the one organizing this whole sadistic challenge, then I certainly couldn’t flake out – right? Right.

I’m willing to bet a lot of people are rolling around ideas for their New Year’s Resolutions. Even though our workout challenges aren’t resolutions per se, they are something that takes commitment and pre-planning; and the buddy system has worked for many of us (admittedly not all – ultimately you have to rely on yourself at the end of the day).

Anyway, for December we are upping the ante, and revisiting burpees.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 10.00.50 AM

I know I didn’t technically fulfill my “Burpee Mile” like I had hoped, but frankly by the end of December I know that I will have crushed a massive amount of burpees for all of 2014.

If you’re interested in joining us, comment below and I’ll post the link to our FB group.

*Side note: A few weeks ago during an extended weekend in San Diego, we wandered into a Reebok store. On the wall was a whiteboard that had a “Burpee Challenge” to win a gift certificate. The challenge was how fast you could do 20 burpees, and there were times posted as people participated. Beings that I had just completed our October challenge, I was primed for this – but I was wearing a dress and I knew that would end badly. Anyway, I mentally noted the best time posted from the list (46 seconds). When I got back to Portland, I timed myself: 42 seconds.


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