#19 – Do a Burpee Mile. Check.

Since the summer I have been “training” for the completion of a BURPEE MILE. If you’re not familiar with a burpee mile, it’s just what it sounds like: you do a full mile of burpees.

I’ve been periodically practicing around high school track, and also doing a hell of a lot of burpees in general. In July, I successfully completed a burpee half-mile (read about it here). Although some people have used the words crazy, insane, terrible, and hellish to describe my desire to complete a burpee mile, you have to remember that this is the kind of crap I do for fun. However, I will admit that for about four days after my burpee half-mile, my knee was really sore (as in you probably shouldn’t have done that and your ACL feels loose kind of sore). So I backed off a bit.

Last month, I somehow encouraged some of my Facebook friends to join me on an October adventure of the “OMG October Burpee Challenge”:Microsoft Word - Document4I think maybe eight people stuck with it. And we had so much fun that this month we’ve been working on an Abs of Steel November Challenge (though it’s kind of weak compared to the burpees).

Although the final workout of 80 burpees, 80 push ups, and 80 squats was tough, it wasn’t like I was going to puke or anything…and considering the fact that back in July I did a HALF MILE of burpees (approximately 460) in once session, 80 was a piece of cake!

But that lingering knee pain has really been on my mind. I certainly didn’t want to have to revisit my surgeon over a blog challenge, but I also didn’t want to quit. This means I had to make a compromise that I’m satisfied with; here goes:

If back in July I calculated that a burpee 1/4 mile was 230 burpees (with a lunge, broad jump, or step in between), then a burpee mile should be about 920 burpees. THAT’S A LOT.

I calculated how many burpees we did in October over the course of the monthwhich was 1,360. That is 20 burpees shy of a mile and a half. I think I worked hard and although I didn’t complete it in just one day, I managed to protect my knee and challenge myself. People in Crossfit might argue with me on this one, but it’s my blog so do what I want!

In addition to the 1360 burpees, we also did 680 pushups, 680 jump squats, 680 bodyweight squats, and 680 mountain climbers. It’s like we spent so much time talking about the burpees that we glossed over all the other stuff we did. My butt looks even better than normal!

How to celebrate? I think my burpee challenge peeps and I need to get together for some burpee beers!

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