Podcasts of October

I’m going to post about my pathetically short list of books I read in October later this week, but tonight I want to talk about podcasts.

Let’s go back in time, somewhere around 2008. The conversation went like this:

Thor: You should listen to podcasts! I think you’d really like them.

Me: Uhhhh no. Podcasts? Really?

Thor: Yeah, there are podcasts on every topic you can imagine. Music, TV, history…

Me: Nope, not my thing. Sounds lame.

Thor (exasperated): But I really think you should check some out! I have a couple I could recommend–

Me: No. Podcasts are for dorks, and people who listen to NPR. I don’t want to.

Now circle back to today, six years later. 

Thor was right. Not only did I like podcasts (pretty immediately), I created a pretty successful one about The Young & the Restless with my friend, Amanda, and we’ve been running strong for FIVE years. We have listeners from all over the world. In a nutshell, listen to your husband.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’m in a conversation with someone and I end up saying, “I just listened to a podcast about that.” I literally listen to a podcast a day. LITERALLY…sometimes more.

If you don’t listen to podcasts, I highly suggest you start doing so. Although reading books is important, the podcasts I tend to gravitate to focus on storytelling in authentically different ways. You might think you don’t have time for a podcast, but I’m telling you that’s a stupid argument. I listen to them in the car, or when working out, or sometimes even grocery shopping. They can be 10 minutes or 2 hours…it’s like the wild west; no rules.

So instead of telling you about the books I read in October, I will highly encourage you to check out some of the best podcast episodes I heard last month.


Love + Radio: Choir Boy – a totally average guy in his 30s recounts his days robbing banks in college, and totally getting away with it.

Love + Radio: Hostile Planet – a short interview with one of the people who has been chosen for the BBC reality show that fully intends to send colonists to the Mars by 2025.


Everything is Stories: As I Have Gone Alone in There – An explanation on the real life treasure hunt that is going on by Forest Fenn in New Mexico, a guy who simply wants to give people an adventure.

Everything is Stories: Sesquipedalian – A former big time boxing agent gives you the skinny on the underworld of boxing, and basically explains how and why boxing matches are rigged.


Serial – The Case Adnan Syed – OMG guys, I’m only three episodes in and I’m hooked. Basically, this teenager was convicted of murdering his girlfriend back in the late 90s, but this podcast slowly unravels all the details (and continued questions) of the case with lots of interesting interviews. If you like anything crime related, you’ve got to check it out.

If you listen to any of these, tell me what you thought…I’m dying to hear from anyone who also heard these stories.

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