#15 – Get hired as an educational consultant. Check!

Just about a year ago, I finished my administrative practicum and was cleared for my principal’s license, thinking that applying for Assistant Principal positions was the next logical step. Those close to me could probably tell you that I kept flip-flipping on whether to take the plunge or not, and many were surprised to see “Get hired as an Assistant Principal” as one of my bonus goals for 2014 (I even wrote about it here).

The bottom line is that while teaching was fine and dandy, I needed more. More challenge, more money, more variety. So on a technical level, being an AP seems logical, but I swear that the MINUTE I had finally submitted all of my application materials in the spring, I began dreading the call that said, “Come interview.” Ironically, I did get interviewed for a district instructional coaching job and was denied (still laughable!!!!) so instead I considered that a sign that I needed to explore more options.

Long story short, I emailed my professional hero, he asked me to apply to work for him, I got hired, and >BOOM< I’m suddenly an educational consultant. There’s no way to explain how all the pieces magically fell into place over the summer. What I can say is that all that self-help reading I do that says things like, “If you deeply know and follow your inner moral compass, you will be rewarded,” was right.

In just the last six months, I’ve met some amazing new colleagues and friends, and have had the chance to learn from the master. Best of all, that inner turmoil that normally says, “What am I doing with my life?!” has suddenly gone quiet. Ironically, I am grateful on a daily basis that my own school district apparently didn’t find me valuable enough for a leadership position (ha.ha.ha), and frankly if they asked me today, I would turn them down – flatly.

I’ve said before that it’s ok to change your goals if you think the change is warranted – and this is probably the best goal I’ve crossed off in my three years of “bucket list blogging.”

Which brings me to the FUN part! Back in January I said that if I crossed off a “bonus goal” I would do something special to reward myself (as if achieving the goal wasn’t enough). What did I do? Oh, just a hugely epic trip to Vegas on Halloween weekend with my bff. No big deal.


Top 5 Things I Did in Vegas

1. Saw Britney Spears


2. Teamed up for the most creative (and conservative) costume trio in all of Vegas


3. Sang karaoke in a casino

4. Completed my OMG October Burpees Challenge with 80 burpees, 80 push ups, and 80 squats

5. Sat front row at Excalibur’s “Tournament of Kings”


Overall, it couldn’t have been a better trip. It was a fabulous way to celebrate my new journey.

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