Make YOUR Bucket List

Tonight I randomly ran across this site: The Master Bucket List and instantly I was like, “Oh rad!” Basically, it has bunch of “bucket list” ideas all in categories, and it’s interactive so you go through each category, check off the ones you are interested in, and then it will spit out a compiled list for you. Genius!

Or not.

As I started to go through categories, I was like, “No. Nope. No thanks. No. No. No way…” and on the flip side, I had already done the items that interested me. How satisfying and disappointing at the same time.

What’s my problem? There’s too much to even explain…but I’ll try:

Famous Places – Sure, famous and exotic places sound cool, but first off I hate riding on a plane. My knee tops out at about 2.5 hours and then it is searing with pain. This was even before I blew it out and had to have surgery. This goes for being in a car, too. Second, I don’t want to see a big fancy exotic place when it’s filled with other tourists. I realize I would be a tourist myself, but I’m a self-loathing tourist. And third, I’m not religious, and it seems like a lot of famous places have spiritual significance, so yeah…does not apply.

See Exotic Animals in the Wild – I know this would depress me, and I would again be a self-loathing tourist. If animals are truly meant to be living out in the wild (like elephants and tigers and polar bears), then I don’t believe we should be stepping into their space. We, humans, can say that we aren’t disturbing them, but they know we are there. Duh. They are animals, with heightened senses.

Cruises to Exotic Locations – You can blame my friend, Megan, for this one. I distinctly remember her talking about an “Ocean Law” class she took in college and she told me all sorts of horrible things cruise liners do to the environment. HORRIBLE THINGS. Also, I saw some show on cable that was called What They Don’t Tell You about Cruises and I learned that close to 60 people (on average) go missing from cruises a year. Like NEVER FOUND. That’s 600 every decade. In international waters. No thanks.

Extreme Sports – Nothing about bungee jumping or skydiving or zip-lining through hoops of fire sounds mildly entertaining to me. I get my kicks at Bingo.

That being said, I still had the site compile my list, and who knows, maybe we have the 2015 list right here:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.09.02 PM

Don’t you just LOVE that “Meet Martha Stewart” was an option?! It’s like they knew I was coming.

But for all my complaining, I actually think this list has some merit as I am drafting my list for next year. I always say, if you don’t have it written down, you probably won’t do it. This includes things like paying bills and cleaning the toilet, too. If you’ve been thinking about all the things you want to do, THEN WRITE IT DOWN. DO IT.

(And seriously, go to that website. Then come back and tell me what you discovered).

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