Working on those jump rope tricks

When it comes to working out, I typically blog about running or specific challenges (burpees, push ups, sprints), but what you probably don’t know is that I typically integrate jump roping into my workouts at least once a week. I started jump roping again after I had knee surgery and couldn’t run for much more than 1/2 mile at a time. Although I’m a pretty good jumper, I never learned to double dutch and that was my original goal this year, but once I realized this was going to be another goal where I would have to rely on other people, I scratched it off.

The updated goal is to learn some new jump rope tricks. Typically, I’ll take my jump rope to the track and run quarter or half mile intervals with jump roping (and maybe some abs) in between. But just jumping rope isn’t hard or entertaining enough. By integrating some tougher moves into my routine, I figure I’ll be getting a better workout, and be less bored.

Muscle memory is pretty interesting. Two years ago when I picked up a jump rope for the first time in maybe 15 years, I was surprised how it all came back easily. So when I say “tricks” I should clarify that there are some things I already know how to do, like bells, double unders, scissors, crossovers, etc. What I’m looking to learn are things I’ve heard of, but they look complicated – like rodeo and EB and toad and handstand…

Thank god there’s Youtube.

Last week I worked on my crossovers (front and back) and this week I’ll be shooting for some of those other random tricks. Hopefully this goal will be crossed off by the end of the month. If you’re a runner, I recommend pulling out your jump rope. I think it really builds up my endurance and it can break up the monotony of running.

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