My Nevermind Goals

While reviewing my goals of the year (and browsing my list of possible goals for 2015), I started to think about possible goals from previous year that didn’t make it. Obviously they were important enough for me to write down on a list (I keep a separate brainstorm list for each year on the “Notes” app on my phone), but I ended up not committing to them.

Today I thought I would revisit them and think about why they didn’t make the cut, and if they would ever come up in the future.


Run all the “Stairs of Portland” –  While a lot of cities are known for their hilly geographies, I think Portland often gets overlooked, and we have a bunch of giant old staircases that would be monster workouts. Last year at this time, I was running the epic Mt Tabor Staircase every Sunday with friends, and every Thanksgiving we do a stair challenge. I was inspired by a booked called “Stairs of Portland” and I’m wondering why I didn’t set this goal. Wow! I actually kind of want to do this one now!

Put together a “Spy Kit” – This was silly. After making disaster preparedness kits, I read an article about how to make a sweet spy kit. Sounded fun, but I was thinking realistically when would I use it? And if I did, would I accidentally get myself into trouble?

Make my own calendar of traditions – We aren’t going to have kids. For sure. That allows us a lot of personal and financial freedom to do whatever we want. But I feel like a lot of people have fun seasonal traditions every year based on their children – well why couldn’t we have them as adults? I like that kind of stuff and we already have a few traditions of our own (like Tabor Stairs on Thanksgiving), but I want more. Maybe I’ll do this one next year………….


Learn how to throw a knife – After learning to throw a ball, my father-in-law suggested that I up the ante and learn to throw knives. Wouldn’t that be an amazing skill to add to your resume? But knowing my clumsiness, I began to envision a terrible accident and scratched it off.

Learn to love sauerkraut – Ugggghhhhh. My husband, Thor, loves sauerkraut. It feels like the world loves sauerkraut. It smells like death and I can’t even handle the sight of a jar. I thought maybe I could tackle this heinous food and join in the fun, but then I realized my goals are intended to be fun, and this just sounded gross.

Learn to make butter – Growing up in Oregon means you know people who grew up in the country, or people who are really into the history of pioneers. Translation: a lot of people know how to make butter. I am not one of those, and this still interests me, but not enough to make it a legit goal.

Go a day without my phone – HA! Yes, a fleeting thought. That being said, this would be a serious challenge for me. Technology makes my life easier, more efficient. Why would I take that away?

Protest something – People in Portland are always protesting something. It’s actually really annoying. Yet I still think holding a witty sign and yelling at passers-by sounds entertaining. However, I would most likely stand outside Taco Bell protesting the new absence of green onions on their Mexican Pizzas, soooo….

Make a Mexican Pizza – (Whoa, speaking of which!)…I read a blog post somewhere of someone who figured out how to make a decent Taco Bell Mexican Pizza from home without truly terrible ingredients. It sounded genius! And then I had two competing thoughts: 1) if I could make it from home, I would eat it everyday, and 2) why would I make something from home that takes 2 minutes to get and only costs $2?

Learn Latin – I think I was watching a lot of LOST when I picked this one. I envisioned myself speaking in code with others. Haaaaaaaaa.

So there you have it. A window into my “nevermind” goals. Now tell me, what goals do you have that you changed your mind on, or just aren’t ready to tackle?

2 thoughts on “My Nevermind Goals

  1. On Sauerkraut….You haven’t had good sauerkraut yet. I hated the stuff until I moved to Germany. Well…actually until my husband made it for me. But in Germany you can get the fresh stuff. It comes in a handsome green plastic bucket. Then you add all the love: Apples, spices, pork chops. Ommm nom nom. My favorite is a dish called Schupfnudeln mit Kraut. They are these little finger like gnocci fried in a skillet with sauerkraut and bacon bits…real bacon chunks! Oh…so much love in a small little bowl.

    • Haha! I figured you’d have some sauerkraut advice for me! I liked lots of other pickled and smelly things so it seems natural that I could learn to like it. I guess I’ll just have to wait until Germany hits my bucket list 🙂

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