#13 – Learn how to paddle board. Check.

Back in January when I made my set of goals for 2014, “Learn how to paddle board” was really creeping at the back of my mind, but I had a feeling it just wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t know anything about paddle boarding, other than the fact I’ve seen people at a distance off the beach of Sauvie’s Island. Also, I can’t think of a single friend that goes paddle boarding. In addition, I thought it might be slightly expensive (because, again, I knew nothing about the activity).

So I didn’t put it in my list of goals. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about it. In fact, all summer I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I even made a trip into REI to see how much a paddle board would cost (assuming I liked it). I was horrified to see the paddle boards were upwards of 15 feet tall and $1200.00. Well, nevermind then! I said, and was secretly grateful it wasn’t going to be a failed goal.

However, today I headed out to Hood River to visit my friend, Kerrie, who suggested we venture out to enjoy the sunshine at Lost Lake. The day was full of good fortune, starting with the fact that the lake was totally dead and that Kerrie packs amazing snacks. We started our afternoon sunning ourselves in deck chairs and watching an occasional person rent a kayak or paddle board.


“That doesn’t look that hard…” I said, and she agreed. Of course, we laughed at some guy who never seemed to be able to stand up while his friends paddled away into the distance, but he was hapless, and maybe drunk.

Finally, we decided to give it a go. For a mere $12 and hour, I was able to rent a cheap stand-up paddle board and Kerrie outfitted herself with a kayak. As the dude handed me my paddle, I said, “This is my first time…any words of wisdom?” He hid his amusement well, but I saw the joke in his eyes. “Well, you can start sitting on your knees if you want.”

On my knees I did, for about 30 seconds. Then I stood up (with little trouble) and we were off. It was incredibly easy, and incredibly fun. It wasn’t exactly a workout, but my arms were definitely tired after an hour of paddling. We finished up our time at the lake drying ourselves off while reading trashy magazines.

Thus, I’ve added a new (and completed) goal to my list for the year because it was in my head the whole time, but I was afraid of commitment. There we have it – I learned to paddle board, and I’m ready to do it every weekend that the sunshine lasts.

Could the day get better? Apparently so. I had THE BEST cheeseburger of my life at Full Sail Brewery and Kerrie (an official Elks Lodge member) gave me a tour of the lodge.

photoI’m ready to relocate my life to Hood River…but until then, at least I know where I can easily rent a paddle board for next time. See you next weekend, HR!


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