Our October Burpee Challenge

FINALLY the weather has cooled down, just a bit. I cannot WAIT until we get back to our Portland rain so I can start enjoying my outdoor workouts again. I must have some genetic marker that says “unable to run or workout in the sunshine” because although I love to bake by the pool, my body just isn’t built to handle workouts above 55 degrees.

It’s going to be a very, very busy month for me, with a lot of traveling, but I haven’t forgotten that one of my bonus goals is to complete a burpee mile. Not long ago, I completed a burpee HALF mile and it really wasn’t that terrible. Mostly just the sunshine and the boredom are what got to me, and I wasn’t abnormally sore the next day either. That being said, I’m thinking mid-November might be my first try at an official Burpee Mile.

When I was training for 100 pushups in one set, I made it a point to do push-ups every single day. Sometimes it was multiple sets of 25 – 40, other times just 15 quick ones before bed. I’m thinking that repetition and mindset are what I need to gear up for that big burpee mile at the track.

How to do it…..how to do it…….? *Oh I know!*


I make no claims to have made this myself, and am not a little ashamed to admit I found it on Pinterest…but here we are, the OMG Burpee Challenge of October. What’s funny is that I posted this image on Facebook earlier this morning, asking, “Who’s with me?” and imagined that by dinner time I would accrue zero likes. Ironically, in just a couple hours, a whole host of people had not only “liked” the post, but said they would like to try, too.

So – what do you think? Are you up for doing some burpees with me and my sadistic committed friends? Join our group: OMG October Burpee Challenge.

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