Goals of Remembrance Past

As I was assessing my lackluster progress on this year’s goals, I went back and checked my previous year’s “bucket lists” and realized that some of those goals from almost three years ago are impacting my life today. And that I could even cross a couple of the “didn’t happen” ones from previous years off. Today we take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of my the goals of 2012 and 2013.


Ohhhhh 2012. You were a difficult year, and I’m glad we have parted ways. We spent most of the time on crutches and experimenting with various forms of glucosamine supplements. But we had our good times, too…

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.51.57 PM


1. GUNS: Although my goal of learning to properly shoot a handgun was more that I was hoping to start shooting at a range on a regular basis, I did get to shoot at the FBI range this spring with real FBI instructors. I think if my goal was to simply learn how to shoot properly, then I could technically cross this one off now.

2. PODCASTING: Holy crap! I can’t believe that I didn’t even know how to make an mp3 of a podcast just a few years ago! This summer I presented how to actually make a podcast at a conference. I believe the technical term would be, “The student has surpassed the teacher.”

8: SNOWSHOEING: Hey, I actually own snowshoes now, and I’m already plotting this winter’s outings. You like that?

10. DOLLHOUSE: It was my first venture with submitting a craft to the state fair…but it certainly wasn’t the last. My dollhouse furniture is currently on display at the 2014 state fair AT THIS VERY MOMENT. (And no, I won’t be attempting to go pick it up.)

21. BINGO: Dudes! Did I tell you I won a whopping $125 at bingo the other night?! While the bowling team was not near the fun I had hoped, bingo has become a favorite pastime for not just myself, but many of my other nerdy friends.



Moving on to 2013…I had a year of bucket listing under my belt. My goals got even weirder, and I had even more fun.


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.52.17 PM


13. CAKE: The four-layered rainbow cake is now my party specialty. I’ve made several for my students (who always oooohhhh and ahhhhhh one a slice comes out), and I’ve experimented with different types of filling and frosting. Perhaps it should be next year’s state fair submission.

15: WORKSHOPS: Wow, this one still has me speechless. Was it really only a year and half ago that I was hoping to get more opportunities to teach teachers? Because this summer I spent a week working with Corwin on a new, amazing team to lead PD around the country. 

17 & 22: ADMIN/JOB: The funny thing is, I have no desire to be a principal anymore. Yeah, I got my license and I worked REALLY hard for it (like harder than anyone I personally know because I had a completely manipulative and toxic mentor), being on Corwin team is the perfect fit. An up-to-date post on this whole thing is coming soon…

23. ACADEMY: I never could have guessed that the Sheriff’s Citizen Academy would have led me to the FBI Citizen Academy, where I’m now and official alum and I’m hoping to visit Quantico next summer. In addition, I just signed up to be the snack-master for the current sheriff’s academy recruits.


Of course there are other things that I didn’t mention. I’m still running and doing push ups and making marshmallows and even dabbling in the stock market. Whether you’ve slacked on your goals for 1 week or 1 year, just because it didn’t happen like you wanted it to in your head doesn’t mean it can never happen. Some of my goals changed over time, but the point is that several really evolved organically into something bigger.

Get out there. Get those goals.

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