How to make a dollhouse chair…sort of…

This whole time that I’ve planned to make dollhouse furniture for the state fair, I’ve felt a little unmotivated. That is until yesterday, when I was at the craft store and found some leather leopard pieces. I knew what I had to do.

I immediately came home and got to work on two armchairs. Admittedly, they are pretty amateur. I’m not big on reading directions when it comes to anything. Typically, I’ll read a variety of directions and then do my own thing. I found a tutorial on making an upholstered chair, where you use foam core and batting (right here); I glanced at the pictures, and then just started cutting.

Materials: foam core, batting, tacky glue, pen, measuring stick, exact-o knife, fabric.

The foam core is a great way to provide quick and easy structure. The batting was also pretty easy to just glue on.


Actually upholstering the chair was a different story. I began to realize why directions are probably important as I was puzzling pieces of the leather together. The first chair took me over an hour, the second took less than 15 minutes. There’s my learning curve.


But hey, I made them. That’s the hardest part. I’m going to tweak them later today, and maybe shoot for a couch and a bookshelf. 


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