Halfway to the Burpee Mile

Are there any specific rules to the burpee mile? I’m not even sure where I first heard about it. Youtube has a slew Crossfit groups recording their “mile” on video but they all do it a little bit differently. I also found some “rules” on a Crossfit site – here they are:

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.45.32 AM

And while I had trouble finding a universal set of rules, I did find this nice graphic:


I’m not doing my burpee mile for anything but me, thus I think I should establish my own rules. Also, after blowing out my knee (almost 3 years ago!), I’ve learned to really listen to my body. It’s NOT worth hurting myself (or having a miserable case of DOMS). This is why I have slotted “Do a Burpee Mile” into the BONUS GOALS category. It may or may not be possible.

That being said, yesterday I completed a solid burpee half-mile and I feel no tinge of soreness or injury (though I did take one hell of a nap afterwards). I had slow one mile jog to the track, did 1/4 burpee mile, ran a little more to loosen up my legs, and did the other 1/4, with a jog/walk cool down. Yeah, my legs were a little jello-y at the end.



Many people have asked, “How many burpees are IN the burpee mile?” So yesterday I counted about 230 in a quarter mile. Multiply that by two and I did almost 500 burpees. Holy crap! However, my strategy is very different than any Crossfit site I’ve seen. I chunk my burpees in tens and take a quick rest in between each set, whether I think I need it or not. I also don’t add a push-up because I just don’t wanna.

Gloves are imperative.

Water is imperative.

Proper shoes are imperative.

Patience is imperative.

I was really, REALLY bored by the end of the first 1/4. I’m wondering how these Crossfit people manage that part of it. Maybe because they are together in a group? Even running on a treadmill is more interesting because at least you have television to watch. I think that will be the toughest part, should I complete an entire mile.

I would appreciate creative suggestions on how to breakup the boredom!


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