5 Bands I’m Looking Forward to Seeing at FFFfest

Last year, one of my goals was to see a live show once a month, and I failed pretty miserably. This pretty much illustrates my pain at shows.

Instead, we ended up going to Austin for FUNFUNFUNFEST and I packed in seeing a whole bunch of bands all in one very exhausting weekend (read about it here). As we were getting back to Portland, I had a very intense “The Best Part is Coming Home” moment, and was pretty sure I wouldn’t be returning to FFFFest.

Yet, when tickets went on sale last month, Thor and I ended up sealing the deal on another shot at the fest…this time with VIP wristbands (with hopes I will be able to see more and get less beer spilled on me from the VIP stage). We also picked a hotel with a better location, and we are also planning to fly first class on a direct flight. Theoretically, this whole trip will be a classier, less exhausting do-over.

Top 5 Bands I’m Looking Forward to Seeing at FUNFUNFUNFEST

1. Dinosaur JR – Flashback to the grunge 90s, right? Also, the early 90s indie film Gas, Food, Lodging (directed by Allison Anders) not only has a soundtrack almost completely done by J. Mascis, but he also appears as a total weirdo in the last scene. I selected this film as my main focus back in film school, so if you ever want to hear a diatribe on the hegemony of the male patriarch, let me know (LOL).


2. The Blood Brothers – I used to listen to these dudes all the time and then somehow they just fell off my playlist. When I saw them on the lineup, I put them back in and remembered how much I like them. I hope their live show is as frenetic as their music.


3. 2 Chainz – When I saw Lady Gaga’s newest album had a song with 2 Chainz, I was pretty excited. Unfortunately it’s like my least favorite song on the album, but regardless I think he’s pretty hilarious. I love how he drawls, “2 Chainzzzzzz” in like every song. If I ever have a band, I’ll make sure to give myself a shoutout in every song.


4. SZA – Trust me, you’re going to be hearing about about SZA pretty soon. She’s new, but she has some key people collaborating and producing her.


5. Metz – Is it just me, or do they sound a lot like a Fugazi spin-off? (in a good way).

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