Classic Movie of July

Last month I randomly chose the movie 3 Women, literally about three young women grappling with some weird shit back in the 70s; and this month, in some strange coincidence, I chose a movie about three young men also grappling with some weird shit in the 70s. Completely unplanned, yet a perfect follow-up. In fact, I recommend that these two films be sold in a DVD twin-pack.

merkel_jborte_port2BIG WEDNESDAY (1978) – In doing my best not to sound completely pretentious, this movie was freaking lyrical. I’m talking ebbs and flows of a great poem. The film follows the lives of three free-wheeling California surfers, but don’t be fooled – it’s not just an excuse for a fun beach soundtrack or epic surfing montages. While there were moments I definitely laughed out loud (Gary Busey in his element!), the story has many quiet, subdued moments. (Just like the ocean tides?? Why yes, just like that). The boys frequently engage in drunken fist fights and general mayhem (i.e. oiled up Gary Busey throwing himself into an oven), and other times slows as the guys struggle to find their place in the tumultuous times of the late 60s and early 70s. Their friends get married, have kids, get drafted, get killed, become alcoholics and lose it all…but surfing (and their epic bromance) remains constant.

Actually, let’s add Point Break and make it a TRIPLE DVD-Pack. Radical!


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