Clocking those burpees

While my goal of a burpee mile was initially set for last month, the weather in Portland has been H-O-T. I generally don’t fare well in any exercise over 57 degrees, and I lost my workout gloves so until I can guarantee I won’t get heatstroke and blister my hands on the track, I’m just going to keep training for lots and lots of burpees.

I don’t know anyone else personally who has tortured themselves with a “Burpee Mile” and, admittedly, I haven’t really looked at a specific training plan for this kind of challenge. That being said, I did 80+ pushups without stopping a couple years ago and I trained for that by just doing them ALL THE TIME, with lots of variety. I’m taking the same approach.

Just doing burpees for an entire workout sounds really boring (and exhausting), so here’s a workout I did this week for an example.

My Burpee Workout #1

1. Warm-up 

2. Descending Burpee Ladder (do 10 in a row, then 9, then 8, etc…I give myself a 10-20 second break in between) = 55 burpees


3. Alternate 3 sets of Exercise Ball Jack Knife (40) and Bicycle Crunches (40)

0906-swissball-ab-pike  0502_bicycle_crunch

4. Repeat Descending Burpee Ladder

5. Alternate 3 sets of Sit Ups with Medicine Ball (40) and Mountain Climbers (80)

mens_fitness_5022  Mountain-Climber

6. Repeat Descending Burpee Ladder

7. Alternate 300 meter row (fast) and Planks (1 min)

8. Cool down and stretch

The whole thing usually takes me about an hour. And in the end, I’ve done 165 burpees (amongst other things).

If you’re into increasing your burpees (David, I’m talking to you), here’s a good reference site to challenge yourself: The Burpee Workout.

Do you do burpees? How do you include them in your workouts? I’m always looking for something new and shareable.

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