Me and Martha

Yesterday I was at a friend’s BBQ, and you wouldn’t believe how many people asked me, “So you’re off work for the summer, right?” After giving the affirmative, everyone asked the same follow-up question, “What exactly do you do all summer…?”

This is a difficult question. Should I be honest and say that I sleep in till 7:30 (that’s late for me), drink coffee with a cat on my lap, have a leisurely work out at the gym, and…..? Since it seems like bragging; I generally attempt to deflect the question. Yet at the same time, I certainly don’t just sit around.

Martha Stewart Living is one of my favorite magazines, and I always look forward to her calendar, right behind the table of contents. I imagine most people flip right past, but I zero in on Martha’s “to-do” list. Of course there are many other items that aren’t listed on this calendar, but I like to think these are her most-important items of note; things that are seasonal or a better chunk of her day.


In fact, I specifically plot out my summer calendars with Martha in mind. (BTW, yes I did officially enter the state fair crafting and baking competitions today).

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 8.15.40 PMMost people roll their eyes when I tell them Martha Stewart is one my heroes. I get even more condescending laughter when they find out I own some shares of her stock. Maybe it’s that she’s of an older generation, or she became the butt of many jokes when she went to prison. I’m not really sure why. I certainly don’t tease people when they say their heroes are cliches like Maya Angelou or John Lennon. That’s their prerogative.

However, if I’m going to put my lady, Martha, on the spot, I might as well tell you why I think she’s fucking amazing.

Top 5 Reasons Martha Stewart Rules

1. She is self-trained in cooking. And just self-made in general. When I want to learn something new in cooking or crafting, her books or website or magazine are the first place I go because at one time or another, she also had to learn how to do it.

2. While in prison, she coached and advised other prisoners on their business plans. And from what I understand, she continued to keep in touch with a couple and provided some entrepreneurial support.

3. She never stops. I read somewhere that when she takes a nap, she’s still thinking. She also banned couches on the set of her show.

4. She’s an animal lover. Yeah she has lots of her own animals, but much of her philanthropic work is dedicated to helping animals. Need I say more?

5. She used her looks as an advantage in business. Some would argue this isn’t the “right” way for a woman to succeed, but men throw their weight around all the time. Why not combat it with hot pants and a little charm?



2 thoughts on “Me and Martha

  1. Lindsay,
    Great write! I love Martha as you know! I just had the same experience at a get together the other day! It is so infuriating! I said I have one mor week of not thinking about school and then I start to get ready for next year! They looked at me like I was crazy! And said; why do you need to go back, you know what you are doing the first day!
    I just shook my head! How do we get people to understand what we really do?!

    • Thor had the BEST idea last night! He said instead of that show “Wife Swap” there should be “Teacher Swap” where people swap with a teacher. Genius!

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