Mid-Year Status Update

Ok, it’s officially midway through the year and I have A LOT of work to do to cross off my goals. But as usual, my focus has shifted a little bit in a couple of ways. I know that goal setting requires continual revisiting and reevaluation of your goals, thus this is an itemized list.

I would very much appreciate any feedback or ideas you have……..

1. Learn how to double dutch. Ok I seriously went to PE with my students over the last two weeks because they were learning to double dutch. It was a big fail. The kids were terrible turners, and I felt like the instructions we received were hazy. The PE teacher failed to model double dutch very well for us, and by the end I just ended up playing tag. This goal is VERY reminiscent of my previous years’ goals of playing pool and horseshoes. If you don’t have reliable partners, it’s never going to work. My mom swears she can teach me, but I was really hoping to find a regular double dutch group here in Portland. I only found one, and they emailed me back to say they had disbanded 😦

2. Throw a summer bonfire party. Oh this one is in the bag.

3. Watch a classic movie a month. I’ve been doing well on this, but I can’t cross it off till December. Any recommendations for the summer?

5. Plan my funeral. I already posted about this so it’s in the works. I plan to be done by July.

6. Read three books a month. Ok, seriously. I’m trying. I also can’t cross it off till December.

7. Do an old fashioned rope climb. Initially I thought I could do this one at school, but the PE teacher was never around after school to help me lower the rope. I’m thinking maybe this week he will show me……

8. Design and publish a coloring book. Haven’t even cracked this one, but I’ve read a lot of eHow articles about the process and it’s on my “to-do” list for summer.

9. Attend an opera. I think I will be seeing an outdoor opera in a couple weeks. My Starbucks guy is in it so I feel compelled to see him in action since he has provided pretty much the best customer service for me over the last school year.

10. Build a snow cave. Hmmmm hard to think about this one on the first week of summer…..

13. Teach a class at a university. Well, by choice I think I’m going to bow out of this. I’ve got to be honest: Portland State University has been so DISORGANIZED and I feel like they want us to do an obscene amount of work for free. We aren’t calling it off forever, but right now things don’t feel right. That being said, I am presenting at a conference next month at Kansas University. My topic is “Podcasting and Professional Development” and I’m more interested in what will come of that than anything else.

BONUS GOALS – Keeping in mind, these are the goals that I’m not exactly sure I can cross off just from sheer willpower. They require a set of circumstances to go my way…

15. Get hired as an Assistant Principal. Ohhhhhh lord. I don’t even want to talk about this one. I’ve applied, and all of us are waiting to hear when interviews will be. The last I heard, there are 7 positions and over 300 applicants. That’s all I’m going to say.

16. Take 1st Place in the State Fair in something. I’m a little uninspired in what to submit this year. Perhaps vegan banana bread? a cake? something crafty? all of the above to increase my chances? Either way, I have to decide by mid-July.

17. Run 30 days in a row. Oh man I haven’t even given this one a thought since my shot at it in April. I felt really good about what I accomplished, and I feel like I really paid for it in May. My plantar fasciitis flared up, my knee got inflamed for over a week…ugh.

18. Sing karaoke in Tokyo. Well, next week Thor gets to go to Tokyo for work. But I just don’t have $1500.00 to blow on karaoke. Bummer.

19. Do a burpee mile. Hey! I did a solid burpee half mile the other day. I was sore the next day, but not so sore I wanted to die. I feel confident about this one!

20. Pool party at Courtney’s. Oh yeah. She’s renewing her lease. She’s had 6 months to warm up to the idea. It’s on. 


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