Run 21 days in 30 Days. Check!

Ok ok ok – run 21 days in 30 days wasn’t a goal…

On April 2nd I set out to run 30 days in a row, and I got through 12 days in a row and crapped out. I blogged around that time that my body (specifically my feet and knee) needed a break and listening to my body was important. So I took couple days off and felt kind of like a failure, but then I picked up right where I left off. I thought Ok, I didn’t make 30 days but how many could I do and still feel healthy?

So I kept running.


After 30 days, I had done 21 runs and logged 56.11 miles. Considering that my average monthly mileages hovers around 28 miles a month, I felt pretty satisfied. Also, when I started my 30 days of running, my average pace per mile (as a comfortable I could do this for many miles) was about 9:30/mile give or take. Here’s a run I struggled on back in March. Ugh!


Last year I ran a mile at 6:23 so I know I can be significantly faster, but typically I was having trouble breaking 9 minutes a mile on anything over 2 miles. As I neared the end of April, I was running sub 8 min/mile without really trying! 

I also have a challenge to my students every year during Run for the Arts, where any kid who can do more laps than me earns no homework for the rest of the year. You can bet that motivates some kids to run HARD. Only two kids beat me (a first in my history of teaching, btw) and they both ran 5 miles in 31 minutes. Here’s my RFTA run.


The point of all of this? Sometimes you set a goal and end up with a different outcome than you planned. I didn’t make 30 runs in 30 days and I’m not sure whether I’m going to try again or not, but I cut a solid 2 minutes off my mile pace by giving it a shot. I also learned that it really isn’t that hard to squeeze in a 1-2 mile run in on most days, but some days it really was impossible.

I also learned that this would have been easier for a man. No really, it would. Some days I had events after work where it was important to look professional and I couldn’t roll in sweaty after a run. 

So run before work! you might say. 

Nay! I reply. I really wanted to, but it was dark and I have a rule against running alone in the dark. 

So run at the gym before work! you might say.

Nay! I reply again. My new gym doesn’t open until 5:30 and some days I need to be showered, fed, and out the door by 7am. It just wasn’t feasible. 

Why is it easier for a man? He could more safely run alone in the dark. He could run after work and throw some cold water on his face and slap on some deodorant and no one would be the wiser. A man also doesn’t have to worry about hair and make up and coordinating heels when getting ready in the morning. I’m not trying to pick on guys, I’m just saying don’t think I didn’t consider all the angles.

This month, I’ve moved my focus back to weights at the gym but I’m sprinkling those easy runs in between. 

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