I Woke Up Like This

I had an interesting conversation at my FBI Citizen Academy class tonight. An older man came over and said, “So how many years have you been a teacher? You like it…?” Wherein I replied with a perfunctory answer of yes it’s pretty good right now. He continued to stare at me in silence so I kept talking and told him I was applying for leadership positions, but was also happy that summer is around the corner. You know, the usual chit chat.

Then he says, “Yeah that’s the problem with women; they think they are going to get a high powered job and then they go and have a family and….” *insert record scratch sound here*

Did I just hear that right? I tried to change the conversation, but suddenly he wasn’t so silent. Not only did he espouse his views on how women were typically just not as good in the working world because they can’t balance work and family (is this 1950?!), but he even threw his own wife under the bus and said she only works half time to watch their kids. And he kept holding his hands up saying things like, “I’m not trying to talk bad about women, but…”

I’m not someone who likes to proclaim myself a feminist nor do I raise my fist in salute when people start waxing intellectual about feminism. My personal view is that if someone doesn’t think you can do it, prove them wrong. Don’t whine and moan and burn your bra; just go out there and do it better.

But this dude really chafed me. He had to quickly ditch the conversation once my buddy David came over and the guest speaker was ready to roll, but I wasn’t easily going to forget this guy’s views.

Top 5 Things I Would Like to Challenge Sexist Dude On

1. Run a mile. This guy’s exterior doesn’t exactly scream fitness. I got that one in the bag.

2. Give a sales pitch. I’m pretty sure I’m more engaging, funny, and attractive (yes, ladies, use it if you got it).

3. Build a fire with flint. Sounds manly, right? Well I did it last summer, I can do it again.

4. Take a typing test. Does 90wpm mean anything to you?

5. Arm wrestling. Yeah, he’s bigger than me…but he’s pretty squishy, too.

And you know what I would say after I creamed him in all five categories? Let’s ask Beyonce.

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