Hire me, you idiots!

Last month I threw my resume into our district’s Assistant Principal hiring pool, and last week several more “Mentor Teacher” positions were posted that I applied for. Tomorrow the interviews for those positions start and I never even got a call. Last year I applied for those jobs, as well, but I knew it was a long shot. I was way on the other side of town at a school with a terrible reputation, and I hadn’t kept in touch with the right people.

This year, I started networking during the first month of school. I submitted portfolios, asked for letters of recommendation, really threw it out there that I wanted to move into a leadership role. Not only did I talk about my goals, I continued to seize any opportunity (paid or unpaid) to show my skills. I kept in touch with everyone and the feedback was incredibly positive. “This is my year,” I thought. 

But tomorrow the interviews get rolling and I didn’t even get called.

My problem is that I just don’t get it.

Last month I also paid to have a personality assessment done to have a better grasp on what I should  work on professionally, as well as have some quality talking points during all these interviews I expected to get. This is what the non-biased assessment said:


 Doesn’t that sound like someone who should get called for an interview?

And these were the characteristics and traits I was going to touch on, based on the report:


Not convinced yet? That’s ok. How about a page from my most recent evaluation? I’m happy to publicize that.



I’m not asking anyone to lay out the red carpet for me. I certainly have A LOT to learn, but beings that I’m dying to learn more yet am constantly getting shut down is incredibly frustrating. Today one of my class’s vocabulary words was “despondent” and I couldn’t help but think of myself and my job search.

I swear I am not one of those people who asks a million dumb questions at a staff meeting; or someone who doesn’t finish things on time; or is constantly late; or calls in sick all the time; or cries at inappropriate times; or wears sweatpants to professional meetings.

So tell me: what am I doing wrong?

***Update three hours later: I was called for an interview. Moral of the story: put your prospective employer on internet blast to really let them know how serious you are.

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