Last week I posted about my venture to run 30 days in a row. I knew it would be hard, mostly on a mental level. And I’ll put it out publicly that I totally crapped out this week.

I made it 13 days in a row, pretty successfully I might add. Then on Monday I had taken a day off work to see the chiropractor and sign our taxes. Fitting a nice leisurely run would be incredibly easy. Yet, while checking in at the chiropractor, I realized just how much my body was hurting. My right calf had a huge knot, both my knees were a little tender, and for some reason my right shoulder felt off. I think subliminal red flag went off. When the doctor asked if I was training for something specific, I said, “Noooo, just seeing if I can run 30 days in a row…?” She laughed and said, “Well typically we suggest some rest days in between…”

That was the morning. After signing my taxes and having lunch with Thor, I headed home…straight to the couch. I watched like four episodes of Girls and took an intense nap. By 8:00 that night I was like a slug. I just didn’t feel like running.

On Tuesday, I said to myself, “Ok – you slacked one day…you haven’t given up. You took a much needed break.” My run that day was great and I had a lot of energy.

On Wednesday, I planned to run before work (at 5am) because I had my FBI Academy right after work. Of course, when I woke up, it was pouring rain and there was no sign of a sunrise. I didn’t run. You could chalk this up to laziness, but I actually have a pretty firm rule that I don’t take risky runs. 1) I don’t want to get hit by a car (thus running in the dark is a no-go), and 2) I don’t want to get assaulted (thus running alone in the dark is a no-go). I made an executive decision to stay home.

On Thursday, I ran a training at another school (with my buddy Angela) and by 3:30 I felt like I was coming down with something flu-ish. 

On Friday, I was pounding Emergen-C at my desk to fight off any sickness, and I held up the white flag.

So ok, I didn’t get to 30 days…yet. I believe in listening to your body and while physically I know I could have kept going, I’m not sure pounding my knee into the pavement for 18 more days was a good idea. Like the doctor said, a body needs rest. And so does my mind.

Today is Saturday and I’m headed to Mt Tabor for my normal Saturday Morning Stair Run with very fresh legs.

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