For my teacher friends…

The funny thing is that my colleague, Angela, and I have been leading professional workshops for several years now. We are a bomb team. We’ve dabbled in working with new teachers at universities, but mostly on a volunteer basis to take a pulse on whether we were wanted or not. Last year we decided, “NO MORE FREE LABOR!” It’s just not feasible when we already have so many other commitments in our lives.

(for the 99% of you who aren’t teachers, you can tune out now…) 

This June, we are teaching a legit class for 3.0 graduate credits for the BARGAIN price of $165. How is the price so low?! you might ask. Well, we worked out a deal through our school district and Portland State University that allows hardworking teachers a high quality class for a cut rate. It’s like getting a Lexus for the price of a Hyundai. Ching!

Have I piqued your interest? 



Let me know if you’re interested. We’ve already started registering and space is limited!

2 thoughts on “For my teacher friends…

    • A few people have asked that and we really rely on the human experience. I just don’t think our hilarious stories or fresh baked muffins will translate via an online course 🙂

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