Day 11 of 30

This morning I completed my 11th day of running in a row. I won’t lie: my body is tired. Surprisingly, mind my isn’t. I thought things would be the other way around.

To refresh, my rules of running 30 days in the row are that I must run at least one mile a day, and at least 10 miles a week. 



It’s hard for me mentally to run only one mile. In my mind, it sounds kind of pathetic. But every Tuesday & Thursday I have a “bootcamp” class and on Saturdays I run stairs, so I don’t want to overdo things and kill myself. 

I’m not trying to clock a certain amount of miles or a certain speed…just running everyday. Several people have asked me why I’m doing this. To which I reply, “Well……….…….why not?” I’ve written before about a quote I once read from an ultra marathoner who said, “A day I’m too busy to run is a day I’m too busy.” I think I’m trying to prove that no matter what my personal or professional responsibilities are, I can squeeze in one measly mile. This was put to the test a few times earlier this week when I had several unexpected things happen after work. It wasn’t easy to get out there, but I forced myself.

That being said, my body hurts. My feet, my calves……………

And I’ve got 19 days to go.

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