The Rules of Running 30 Days in a Row

I’m going to admit that my original plan to run 30 days in a row was supposed to start two days ago, on April 1st. I didn’t have a good reason for not running on Tuesday, other than the weather is cold and crappy and very Portland…which typically is a reason to run because I much prefer to run in the rain. Then yesterday I was so exhausted after work that I went straight home, crawled into bed, and took a long nap before even making dinner.

Is it that we are back to work after Spring Break? Is it the cold, grey weather? What is this lethargic malaise that has overtaken me? I have a student teacher teaching half the day so I certainly can’t say I’m working too hard.

And then I see this article on CNN about how running isn’t necessarily all that amazing for you. Like, thanks for the motivation dudes.

In about an hour, I’m headed to a new month of a Boot Camp class I’ve been doing with several other teachers most of the year. It’s forcing me to put on my workout pants when all I want to do is roll myself up in a blanket and marathon Mad Men. But I’m going…and I’m going to get there early to run first (even if I do have a grumpy look on my face).

So what exactly are the rules of running 30 days in a row? 

1. Run at least one mile a day. That’s like a total of 9 minutes or less. If I can’t muster up 9 minutes, then I might as well just give up on life. 

2. Run at least 10 miles a week. This allows me to go easy on my Boot Camp days, and have some easy 3 mile runs in between. I’m not trying to do an ultra marathon here…just run a 30 day stretch.

3. Track all my runs for proof. Of course I’ll post for legitimacy…I don’t want anyone calling me a cheater.

4. Quit if I get injured. I have a history of overtraining and injuring myself so I need to be realistic. If it’s day 15 and I hurt myself, I can just try again in June. No biggie.


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