Books of March

I made it through two real books, and one small comic last month. But to be fair I spent a solid week working on my application for admin jobs – so it’s not like I was squandering my time on Animal Crossing (…not too much, that is…).


Gray is Not a Color – by Sally Madden: Don’t be fooled by the cover; this comic was published just last year. I was so excited, as it promised the first hand account of being an intern at the famous Mutter Museum (hello! my dream job!). While it provided a few fun tidbits, I was left completely wanting. When I flipped the last page, I literally said, “That was it?!” I also downloaded the electronic copy and the resolution was terrible. 2 out of 5 stars.



ImageSt Mawr – by DH Lawrence: Not sure what came over me, but I was compelled to buy a hard copy of St Mawr at a vintage book shop during my trip to Phoenix. It is my favorite DH Lawrence story but it has been a good ten years since I last read it. Basically, it’s about a girl and a horse. And good and evil, and life and death, and mothers and daughters, and man vs nature, and innocence lost and pretty much every other theme you could imagine, all subtly packed into one little novella. That’s what makes DH Lawrence my favorite author of all time. Perhaps it’s that I am always seeking more, always thinking, always questioning, that is story resonates with me. Or maybe I just like horses. This book is not for everyone, but I think it’s possibly one of the best things ever written.



ImageThe Outlander – by Gil Adamson: I read that this book was being adapted for the screen several years ago, and then I couldn’t find anything new, and I’m devastated. It immediately starts off with a young woman running for her life after murdering her husband (for reasons we don’t find out immediately) into the wilderness to survive on her own. The writing is incredibly cinematic, and I felt like a casting director as each new character was introduced. Dear Hollywood: here is who pictured for each role:

The Ridgerunner: Joseph Gordon Levitt

The Reverend: Daniel Day Lewis

McEchern: Peter Dinklage

The Jail Keeper’s Wife: Helen Mirren

The Widow: Lady Gaga

Did I not just make an Academy Award Winning blockbuster or what?! Anyway, I totally recommend this book.


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